Maintenance on a Mission

Pro Star Mechanical’s decades-long track record in servicing commercial boilers, water heaters, tankless water heaters, storage tanks and HVAC systems throughout Southern California gives us the ability and flexibility to deal with most major brands. When it comes to keeping your mission-critical equipment operational, maintained, and manufacturer’s warranties intact, we’re here for you.


On-call solutions: 24/7 means we’re always available. For property managers, hospitality operators, and business owners, this provides peace of mind and endless comfort.

Warranty protectors: To protect your equipment investment, you need a maintenance partner who knows systems and preventative requirements. Equipment manufacturers require ongoing maintenance for warranty validation. We track the requirements and service contract specifications to keep you compliant.

Beyond the warranty: The team at Pro Star Mechanical is committed to fixing any post-warranty equipment issues, as well as preventing them in the first place. With our Preventative Care Scheduling Program, we’ll run through an operational checklist on a regular basis to ensure your system is always functioning at optimal efficiency.



January 2019

“We want to thank you for the quick response from your company. The technician worked extremely hard and has made a lot of homeowners very happy to have hot water restored in a few hours instead of a few days. Pro Star Mechanical has proven to be a very reliable and professional company.”

Brenda Kamper, Manager, Vista Lomita IV